The ''LE BRUN PROJECT '' is a group of experts and historians who bring their knowledge and experience to the advanced study of the works of LE BRUN, especially to the identification of paintings that will be part of the catalogue raisonné of the works of LE BRUN. The LE BRUN PROJECT is directed by Mr. Michel Gareau, whose work for the past 28 years has focused exclusively on the works of LE BRUN.

The private library of the LE BRUN PROJECT contains reproductions of more than 2,000 drawings* made by LE BRUN, whose originals are found in the Louvre, and which have been acquired through the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RNM). Moreover, the library includes hundreds of transparencies, microfilms and X-rays which bring together the well studied details of the paintings of LE BRUN, in addition to an extensive scientific compilation of the chemical and physical data of the materials and mediums used by LE BRUN.

* (The LE BRUN PROJECT is not authorized by the RNM to sell, give access to or distribute to the public the material that it has acquired from the RNM.) To obtain photos, microfilms or reproductions of documents or works located in the museums of France, please contact the photography department of the RMN directly.

The 5 steps required to propose the examination of a painting are as follows:

  1. First, contact the LE BRUN PROJECT, by using the ''Contact '' link in the menu on the left, in order to submit by email a color photograph showing the complete painting, along with all information already known about its subject.
  2. If the digital photograph interests the committee, you will then submit, by regular mail, a color photograph of at least 200mm as well as a color transparency of at least 55mm.
  3. If the photo still indicates a connection to LE BRUN, you will then be given a date within twelve months' time. On this date, a representative of the LE BRUN PROJECT will travel to a location near the site of the proposed painting, to which you will have to have the painting transported in order that a visual inspection using an electronic microscope can be made. For reasons of credibility, it is strictly forbidden to personally meet at any time with a representative of the verification committee of the LE BRUN PROJECT to discuss this painting. However, you may delegate security agents from recognized firms to guarantee the protection of your property. The examination will take less than two hours.
  4. If the proposed painting positively passes the third step, it must then undergo a more thorough examination by the verification committee of the LE BRUN PROJECT. At this time, the painting will be transported to the laboratories of the LE BRUN PROJECT (located outside France for all paintings not emanating from within France), and a rigorous procedure to assure the safety and the return of the submitted property will be put into place, in close collaboration with the owner. It is possible that on certain occasions some tests may be ordered at independent laboratories located near the site of the proposed work. The testing will take approximately one week. The authorization period for bringing the painting may be extended for a longer period. The receipt of the proposed painting is only accepted when the laboratories are ready to begin all the tests.
  5. The LE BRUN PROJECT does not charge any fee for its services. It is a nonprofit organization, and only the cost of X-rays, macro photography and atomic spectroscopy will be billed directly by the independent laboratories, with no additional charge for the profit of the LE BRUN PROJECT. The owner will not be billed for historical research or analysis of test results made by the LE BRUN PROJECT. No member of the verification committee may request or receive any remuneration whatsoever for his or her services and advice to the committee.